Wednesday 15th of August 2018

Soke David C. Cook, 10th DanWelcome to the official Tsu Shin Gen (TSG) International Budo Association website.

The TSG-Karate, TSG-Mix Fight, TSG-Grappling and the TSG-Kickboxing are very effective and modern styles with traditional Budo values. These styles are suitable for full contact fighters and also for men, women, youths and children who train mainly as a FUN hobby but are still interested in an effective self-defence system.

We also have TSG sections for TSG-Kyokushin Karate and TSG-Ashihara International Karate.

On this web site you will find sections with information about the systems (TSG Styles).

The grading requirements (TSG Grading Syllabus).

How we practise the systems (TSG Training Methods).

You will also find information about the structure of the Association (TSG Constitution).

Soke David C. Cook, 10th Dan
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