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In 1969 he started training Karate.

In 1972 he was promoted to 1st Dan Black Belt by Hanshi Steve Arneil, 8th Dan.

In 1974 he was promoted to 2nd Dan Black Belt by Shihans Tadashi Nakamura, 8th Dan, and Shigeru Oyama, 8th Dan.

In 1974 he moved to Sweden from England and took over the Uppsala Karate Club.

In 1977 he completed the 50 Man Kumite (Fifty rounds of full contact Kyokushin knockdown fighting, two minutes each, without any rest periods) and was promoted to 3rd Dan Black Belt by Hanshi Steve Arneil, 8th Dan.

In 1979 he was elected as Chairman of the Swedish Karate Kyokushinkai.

In 1980 he published the first edition of his popular books Kyokushin Power Karate volumes 1 and 2.

In 1983 he was promoted to 4th Dan Black Belt by Sosai Mas Oyama,10th Dan.

In 1985 he was promoted to 5th Dan Black Belt by Soke J. Ruiz, 10th Dan.

In 1987 after traininolume 1 and 2g with Kancho Hideyuki Ashihara, in Japan, he took over the development of Ashihara Karate in Europe.

In 1990 he was elected as the President of the European Ashihara Karate Organisation (EAKO). He developed the system further and it was renamed Ashihara International Karate.

In 1991 he was invited to the Soviet Union, where he introduced Ashihara Karate and later his own systems TSG-Mix Fight and TSG-Combat Karate He has made more than 40 trips to Russia to teach various groups of people and to hold seminars.

In 1991 he was promoted to 6th Dan Black Belt by Soke J. Ruiz, 10th Dan and the European Ashihara Karate Organisation.

In 1993 he was promoted to 7th Dan Black Belt by Soke J. Ruiz, 10th Dan and the European Ashihara Karate Association.

In 1995 he was promoted to 8th Dan Black Belt by Kenji Kurosaki 10th Dan, Japan and Jon Bluming 10th Dan, Holland.

In 1995 he began to develop his own Martial Arts systems: TSG-Combat Karate and TSG-Mix Fight.

In August 2002, he was inducted into the "World Head of Family Sokeship Council" Hall of Fame.
(Soke is the title used for a person who is the founder of a style. He is the Grandmaster of the system.)

In 2008 he was promoted to 9th Dan by Soke J. Ruiz 10th Dan, in recognition of his contribution to Budo during the previous 40 years.

Over the years he has held courses in various forms of training and self-defence for the following groups in Sweden:

  • The Stockholm’s Police District Executive Protection Department.
  • The Swedish Police Security Service (SÄPO)
  • The Swedish Anti-Terrorist Unit
  • Stockholm’s Security School

In December 2014 Soke Cook was awarded 10th Dan.

Up to the year 2015 Soke has taught Karate and Mix-Fight in 22 Countries.




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