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AFC Tournament II - October 2004 PiteƄ, Sweden 2004-10-01
AFC II was the second tournament during 2004. The tournament has grown since the first one in May 2004. The standard was very high even for the fighters that haven’t competed before. There were competitors from Judo, Jutsu, Karate, Shootfighting, Taekwondo and Tsu Shin Gen.

There was also a Super Fight between Peter Bucht from Brassa Team Södertälje and Burch Gürler Team TSG, Peter is an experienced fighter with very good technique he is a first degree black belt in Ashihara Karate, blue belt BJJ ( he has trained with Top Team Brazil). He has also been competing in Shootfighting. Burch Gürler is a young up and coming fighter. He has a first degree black belt in Tsu Shin Gen, he has also won the Allstyle Open twice, he was the winner of the AFC Open I heavy weight tournament.

First round
The fight started very intensive with good kicks to the head by Peter, and low kicks by Burch, Burch closed the distance and came in with heavy punches to the head, Peter clinched and tried to take Burch down to the ground. Burch with good defence started to land hard knees to the stomach the fighters were then separated. Peter almost landed a hard axe kick, Peter then came in with a powerful right hand to the face that landed. That got the attention of Burch and he became more focused and in a rapid-fire punch combination he landed with a good hook to the head and Peter was knocked down. Peter was able to continue, but after a furious attack the referee gave Peter a standing eight count, at the end of the first round Peter jumped up into a guard and pulled Burch down to the mat but he could not get a submission and the first round ended.

Second round
Burch came in hard with punches and knees, Peter went for a takedown, Burch sprawled, Peter went to his knees (turtle) and Burch started to punch hard to the body and then he stood up, the fight continued standing. Burch landed again with the punches and Peter tried to protect his head. Once again the referee gave Peter a standing eight count. Peter is a very tuff fighter and he wanted to continue. Within seconds Burch landed another hard right to the head and the fight was over.

Winner: Burch Gürler by TKO.

This was a really good fight and they were evenly matched, with very high standard. They have set the standard for the Class I fights.


Final Results
-75kg Henrik Lundholm Luleå Shootfighting vs John Hortlund Piteå Kampsport

Henrik was the winner by submission (Juji Gatame, armbar) after three rounds.
-85kg Joakim Knief TSG Uppsala vs. Peter Öberg Piteå Kampsport.

Joakim was the winner on points after full time.
John Hero TSG Kinna vs Mikael Lindgren Piteå Kampsport

John was the winner by submission (Hadaka Jime, rear naked choke).
There were also 10 Class III fights. There were 26 fights altogether, and hopefully we can fill all weight classes for AFC OPEN III in May 2005.

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