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Junior Tournament (AFC Class III rules, light contact) 2004-11-06

On a Sunday in November the TSG Piteå Junior competition was held at the Piteå Dojo. Fourteen competitors between the ages of 8 and12 were participating in the competition. They were divided up into two weight classes, - 34kg. and - 44 kg. The competition was arranged according to AFC class III rules but with light contact. The rounds were 2 x 2 minutes and if a match resulted in a draw, a 1 minute extension was added.
If the competitors had lost in their first match they still had a chance in the competition through re-qualify.

– 34 kg Class. Two straight match victories took Nicklas Öqvist to the final were he showed good focus and won against Mattias Lundkvist on points. In the struggle for third place the winner was David Sjömark over Joachim Landberg thanks to stronger offensive grappling. In this weight class one has to mention Beatrice Landberg who became somewhat of a public favourite. She did a couple of really good rounds and many good attempts at takedowns but it wasn’t quite enough against the class winner Nicklas.


– 44 kg Class. Vicktor Forsman and Sebastian Tjikkom had their first encounter in first qualifying round. It was a tough match that went in favour of Vicktor after the extension round. The final was a repetition of their first match. Sebastian had through a couple of re-qualifying matches fought his way to the final where he was matched once again against Vicktor. The final also went into an extension round. Although Sebastian was the one who was more aggressive Vicktor was the one who took more points thanks to good counterattacks and cleaner techniques and in the end he declared the winner. Even in this class a girl showed good fighting abilities. It was Olivia Widegren who fought Linus Larsson for third place but she lost and had to settle for fourth place.
In total there were 19 matches in the competition and several of those were decided on submission. The judges Sempai Mikael Forsman and Mattias Utterström hade an easy task thanks to the children’s good behaviour and their respect for each other.

Judges: Sensei Mikael Forsman and Mattias Utterström
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