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Women's Training & Self-defence Course 2004-11-30
From the 26th to the 28th of November 2004, Sempai Jessica Palmred 2nd Dan, held a Self- defence Course in Kinna, just outside Gothenburg for women. This is her commentary about the Course:

Sempai Jessica instructing.The course was the first of its kind, and was only for woman who work at an Institute for women who have been physical abused by their husbands or other family members.
With that in mind it became more realistic than other self-defence courses I have held before. One thing that is very important when you hold this kind of course and that is not to complicate things too much. Use only techniques that are easy to understand and perform such as elbows, knees, groin kicks and finger strikes to the eyes.

The first day the women who came to the course were a little to “ nice” to each other while they were practising the techniques and when I showed them some combinations they all asked “can you do that, doesn’t that hurt?” well that’s the point. But at the end of the third lesson I saw a big difference. They kicked and punched each other and asked if it was legal to do this and that. You could see that they were more self-assured than they were the first day.

We also had a lesson on how to defend your-self against knives and blunt weapons. It is very important to try to get a hold of the arm that holds the weapon and when you have the arm, use head butts, groin kicks and wrist locks in order to disarm him. One question after that lesson was if it was ok to cut him if you have disarmed him, just a little cut. Well off course it is not, but that question proved that they had toughened up from the first day when they didn’t even want to kick him in the groin.
Sempai JessicaWe also did one lesson lying on the floor. Even if you know a lot of techniques standing up, it’s very important to learn what you should do if you get thrown or pulled to the floor. Often you will not even have time to react, and most of the assaults happen in one’s own home. Use lots of finger strikes to the eyes and learn how to create space so that you can grab or attack the groin, and use your elbows and do everything you have to do in order to get up from the floor.

The techniques one uses must be custom made to work against a bigger opponent.

Remember that self-defence must be aggressive, it’s not pretty or fancy but very effective.

At the end of the fourth and last lesson, we talked about what we can do in order to keep out of situations that can be dangerous. Like walking alone in the park, hitch hiking or going home with someone you do not know. The thing that you should avoid is using unofficial taxis because that is where most of the registered rapes are committed.

Before we said goodbye they asked me if I could come back and have a similar course in a couple of months. We decided that I would have a follow up in the spring, and that they would bring some of their clients who had been abused.
Sempai Jessica Palmred
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