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Instructors camp March/April 2005 2005-04-03

Soke teaching in classroomIt was between the 31st of March and the 3rd of April it finally happened. After more than 10 years of developing and polishing the Tsu Shin Gen system, Soke David C Cook held his first course to accredit TSG Instructors in Uppsala Sweden. There were more than 30 students representing various areas of Sweden and also students coming all the way from Russia and Rumania.

The four-day course was packed with information that all students eagerly tried to cram in, and the days were long, started at 09:00 and finished around 21:00 in the evening. Some days we had only training and some days we had theory mixed with training.

Soke Cook took us through all the grades and the changes that had been made for each grade. The theory was held in a conference room at a place called Mumin, and it was there we did all the dining as well. The food was delicious and everyone appreciated the various meals we had. We did all our training at our local dojo in Uppsala.


Soke teaching in dojo.Sensei Mikael Forsman from Piteå had helped Soke Cook with the material for this course. Sensei Mikael also lectured in First Aid and CPR. He also taught us about child psychology and the best methods to train young children. The training methods part was really interesting and helped us understand how and why children behave in a certain manner. Highly appreciated by many!

Sensei Daniel Palmred, from Uppsala Sweden is the person that has helped Soke Cook in developing the TSG Grappling Drills. During two training sessions Sensei Daniel took us through the first 3 Grappling Drills that we have in our system. Sensei also broke them down and we studied some moves in particular and the thoughts behind them. Sensei Daniel is a very technical instructor and steps that were really difficult to perform he explained and demonstrated in a way that made it easy for everyone to understand.


On Saturday evening we went through the TSG Competition Rules and Regulations. We had an open discussion about how to be a referee and how to judge a fight. We also arranged some fights so the people with no experience could both fight and practise being a referee. It is a very hard task being a referee and it is not until you actually try to judge a fight that you realise how hard it is.

In my opinion, TSG Competition is the best fighting system that we have in Sweden at the present time.

My reflection about the course is that it was a very well planned course and there was a theme, a thread, from one lesson to another. I think the course inspired all of us to strive forward and focus on developing ourselves, our Dojos and the Organisation.

There was a happy and friendly atmosphere amongst all students and Soke Cook made all of us feel that we belonged to a big happy family.



 From left:
Sempai Tommy Thörneby, Sempai Evgeny Soloviev,
Shihan Ivan Titenkov, Sensei Daniel Palmred, Sempai Vladislav Shipuli

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