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AFC III November 2005 2005-11-20


AFC News
One of the new features for AFC III was the new gloves supplied by the Tsu Shin Gen Organization. The new gloves do not have a sharp edge on the backfist like the old ones. This makes it easier to avoid being caught and locked by the opponent. So this is a big improvement.

Another new feature was that there was more time allowed in the standing grappling and also the grappling on the mat. These changes made the fights more flowing and with less interruptions. The third new feature was that 1 point was awarded for the Mount.

Class III (2x2 minutes)

Before the audience was allowed in to see the tournament there were a couple of Class III single fights. These fights are really a golden opportunity for the less experienced fighters to get the feeling of competition and prepare themselves for future competitions. The Class III fighters in this event showed very good standard and made a good first impression.

The Tournament
It is really nice to see that a lot of the fighters are travelling long distances to compete in the tournament. In this tournament there were competitors all the way from Kiruna in the north of Sweden to Uppsala in the lower part of Sweden.

One thing that was really appreciated among the competitors, especially those who have travelled a long distance, was the repéchage re-qualification in the Class II Tournament. This system means that everybody is guaranteed at least two fights and it also gives the fighter a chance to get into the tournament again.

To compete in a tournament is very demanding. The fighters need to have good condition and avoid getting too injured, so that if they reach the finals they are still able to fight well. The fighters in this tournament were well aware of this and one could see that they had prepared themselves very well.


Class II Tournament -75 kg (2x2 minutes)
John Hjortlund to the left.Already in the first round of this weight division there were several good fights. Peter Andersson against Tony Persson was one of them. This match went to an extension before Peter could win by an arm bar – Juji Gatame 1 minute into the third round.

One other fight to mention was the one between Manuel Laaksonen and John Hortlund. Manuel had trained hard before this tournament and John was hungry for a better result than his last year’s runner-up position. The fight between them was to become very technical and interesting, in the end John was the winner by points. Later on in the second round of the tournament John was stopped by Peter Andersson who had a much more physical stamina. Peter wore down John and won on points.

David Hallberg relegated Fredrik Gjersvold to the repéchage in the first round but Fredrik is a determined fighter with strong fighting spirit and that paid off. Fredrik eventually made it to a fight for third place, where he fought Tony Persson and won on points.


Class II Tournament Final -75 kg
A try to finish with an arm bar.The first final in the tournament was between David Hallberg and Peter Andersson from TSG Uppsala. Both of them had a great tournament. Peter had won all his fights on submission and David had won one fight on submission by arm bar - Juji Gatame and the other on points.

After the first round of the final the competitors were even on points. In the second round the match started with standing fighting but ended up on the mat after a minute. After a tuff and technical floorwork Peter came out as the winner 1 minute 30 seconds in the second round.

Winner Peter Andersson by triangle choke – Sankaku Jime.


Class II -80 kg single match (2x2 minutes)
In Class II -80 kg there was only three fighters. Nicklas Lindström first fought Jim Jonsson and won on points and later he fought Peter Storm and was also the winner in that match by TKO ten seconds into the second round.


Class II Tournament + 90 kg
Axel Salomonson to the left.In the heavyweight class there was quite a big difference between the weights of the fighters. At the weigh-in Christian Johansson was a couple of kilos under the limit for the weight-class but instead of dropping out he wanted to fight. His first fight was against Axel Salomonsson and in this match the weight difference was only a couple of kilos. Christian won this even fight on points after full time. His next fight against Johan Norgren didn’t go as well. The weight difference between them was about 15 kilo. This was too much and Johan was the one to continue on to the final.

Axel fought his way back into the tournament by repéchage and ended up in semi-final against Stefan Eriksson. Their match went to an extra round before the judges could rule Stefan as the winner on points, sending him into the final. Axel fought for third place where he stood once again against Christian but this time the outcome was different. Axel was the winner after full time on points.


Tournament Final + 90 kg
Johan Norgren to the right - winner of +90kgThe second final of the tournament as in the -75 kg final was between two fighters from TSG Uppsala but this time it was Stefan Eriksson and Johan Norgren who were going to fight for the title. Both of them have been training together at the Uppsala Dojo and know each other very well.

The prediction was that this final was going to be a close call but Johan surprised everybody by making a really powerful Shoot half way through the first round. He took Stefan down, established Mount and then shifted position making a figure-four hold on Stefan’s arm. Then he laid down and straighted the arm and Stefan had no choice other than to tap out 1 minute 40 seconds into the first round.

Winner Johan Norgren by arm bar - Juji Gatame.


Class I Super Fight (3x3 minutes)
This Super Fight was between Erik Viklund from TSG Piteå and Mikael Barantchikov from Kalix Ju-jutsu Club. Mikael is originally from Russia where he has been practising Kyokushin Karate but now he lives in Kalix and practices Ju-jutsu.

Erik has shown good results by winning other tournaments and he didn’t hesitate to take this match despite the short notice. Both fighters have about the same experience and training years so we were looking forward to a technical and exiting fight.


First round
When Erik’s name was announced in the speaker the crowd started to chant his name. This didn’t seem to bother his opponent who looked relaxed despite the fact that it was Erik’s home turf.

As soon as the fight started Mikael came in with several heavy punches that landed. Erik was stunned but was able to go into a clinch and take Mikael to the mat. On the mat Erik was the stronger but the round ended.


Second round
Erik trying to finish with a Juji Gatame - arm barThis time Erik was ready for Mikael’s standing skills and tried to take him down as soon as possible. Once down on the mat Erik made a perfect armbar but Mikael would not tap out.

One couldn’t believe it, the arm was bent the opposite way but Mikael didn’t tap out. Instead he worked really hard to get out of the lock and succeeded just before the second round ended.

The third round
The last round started with heavy punches landing from both fighters. After a fine combination from Mikael, Erik countered with two punches that landed. The punches didn’t seem to affect Mikael so much but the referee Lars Utter stopped the fighting because off the bleeding from the nose and called for the doctor. The doctor examined the injury and decided to stop the match.

Winner by TKO - Erik WiklundThis fight was an excellent Class I fight where both fighters showed good technique both in the standing fighting and in their grappling. Nobody could foresee the outcome before the doctor stopped the match. Hopefully we will see them both again in the next AFC Competition. If not against each other, at least in some other Class I fight.

In this AFC III Competition there were a total of 27 fights. Hopefully the next time there will be more fighters in the -80 kilo and the +90 kilo classes. Next time we shall also try to arrange some International fights due to the fact that other countries have been showing interest in our AFC Competitions.

To all the fighters, officials, corner judges and referees a big thank you! Without you it would not have been possible!

Best of luck to everybody and thanks for a great tournament!
The TSG/AFC Organizers
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