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TSG Summer Seminar Stockholm 2007 2007-06-29
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Dates: June 29th to July 2nd
Chief Instructor: Soke David C. Cook, 9th Dan
Assitant Senior Instructors: Sensei Mikael Forsman, 4th Dan
Sensei Lars Utter, 4th Dan

Soke instructingThis Seminar was held in the capital city of Stockholm at the TSG Stockholm’s Dojo! The location of the Dojo is in the centre of the city at St Eriksgatan 50. The TSG club shares the Dojo with a Kung Fu club and the decorations in the Dojo are inspired by traditional Chinese Martial Arts. This made the atmosphere different to what we are just to, because the most of us have a strict Japanese background but it was very pleasant!

The camp drew about 30 participants from different clubs in Sweden; a couple of them were from a new club outside Gothenburg (TSG Alvhem). There were also six participants from Russia! Shihan Ivan and Sensei German are becoming standard fixtures at the Swedish seminars and it is always a privilege to see them. It is also much appreciated that they take other participants with them from Russia to the Seminars.


Soke instructingThe theme on the seminar was concentrated on the TSG-JAF Fighting Drills numbers 6 to 10 and the variations adapted to TSG Karate and TSG Kickboxing. The Grappling Drills 3 and 4 were also a training priority at the seminar. Beside this the participants also practised how to work with the Gi to control one’s opponent in standing fighting and how to use the jab at the end of combinations to stop counter attacks and also changing angles to avoid standing in the centre line.
Sempai Annelie working the pads.There was also a Dan grade test at the end of the seminar. This time there were 3 students testing for Dan grades. There were Annelie Hesselbäck and Johan Eklund from TSG Uppsala and Andreas Hesselbäck from TSG Stockholm. One thing that made this grading very special and different from the ones before is the fact that it was the first time that a mother and her son were testing for Dan grades at the same time! Anneli, who was going for Nidan, is the mother of Andreas who was testing for Shodan.

  The technical part of the testing with Fighting Drills and Fighting Combinations went very well with high tempo and good technical skill. With the Grappling Drills it was also the same. The ending of first days grading was the Self-defence Drill (Sabaki). All 3 of them performed very well with good standing combinations and takedowns that showed great variation!
 Andreas Hesselbäck during fighting drill.  Sempai Annelie during technical grading.  Grappling drills
The second day of the testing was time for the sparring! Andreas Hesselbäck was a little worried that the sparring wouldn’t be tough enough for him! He didn’t need to worry about that because Shihan Ivan, Sensei German and Sensei Lars were pleased to help him with that!
After that both Andreas and Johan had had completed their 30 rounds of sparring Annelie still had 10 rounds to go! Despite her age and smaller statue she did an excellent grading. And to top of her grading, her son Andreas was allowed to take the last round of sparring against his mother!
 Andreas and Shihan Ivan.  Johan and Sensei German.  Mother and son, happy with their new grades.
New TSG-MMA Dan grades: Johan Eklund 1st Dan
Andreas Hesselbäck 1st Dan
Anneli Hesselbäck 2nd Dan
Looking back on this year’s Summer Seminar the technical quality was very good and everybody seemed to have had a good time! Hope to see you all at the next TSG Seminar!
Sensei Mikael Forsman 
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