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Russian Instructors course 2006 2006-04-20
Location: Minina, Moscow Region Russia
Date: March 20th to 24th, 2006
Chief Instructor: Soke David C. Cook, 9th Dan
Assistand Instructors:
Sensei Mikael Forsman 4th Dan and Sensei Lars Utter 4th Dan

It was an early afternoon on the 20th of March, Soke David C Cook and two of his Sensei’s arrived at Moscow’s International airport. They had been invited to hold a TSG Instructors course for several Dojos from regions all over Russia. The regions represented were Samara, Moscow, Moscow Region, Kamensk–Uralsky and Lipetsk. The person who arranged this event in Russia was Shihan Ivan Titenkov 6th Dan. Soke D C Cook, Sensei Lars and Sensei Mikael had all visited Russia before, but nevertheless they were still excited about this course and seeing their Budo friends again. The Russians had arranged a pickup at the airport and then drove the group to a military base in Minina. The military base has a population of approximately 10.000 people and on the base there are many men who are doing their military service and their families. The military base has all facilities on the location - cafes, restaurants and various small shops and bars, so there is no need to actually go outside the base. They even have a hotel and that is where the Instructors were accommodated.

The first day was spent getting accommodated and relaxing after the journey. Later on that evening there was a welcome dinner at a local restaurant, which was very nice and with good food. The dinner finished early because of next days training, so it was back to the hotel for a good nights sleep.


The second day started early with breakfast and a quick change into the Gi´s. Then the pick up arrived and drove us to the sports hall where all the training was going to take place. On the first training session there were about 35 Instructors from the various regions. Soke Cook started the first session by teaching one Fighting Drill (Kata) from the Tsu Shin Gen system.

Everyone worked really hard and it was quite impressive how quickly the Russians picked up small details and learnt the Drill. The second lesson was grappling based. Sensei Mikael taught the Instructors how to perform the first Grappling Drill, which is designed for our beginners.



On the third day’s first training session there was a special visitor. It was the General for the military base. He wanted Soke and the two Senseis to join him later on that day for sauna and dinner. He said it was an honour to meet Soke Cook and presented Soke with a gift. The training sessions during the day had the same methodology and planning as the first day, Fighting Drill during the morning and Grappling Drill in the afternoon.


 General Mahnin Valeriy Soke receiving a gift from General Valeriy

Later on in the evening Soke and the two Senseis were picked up by some of the students who took them to the location for the training. This time they didn’t go to the training area, instead they went to a part of the building were the recreation facilities were located.


 A pair of instructors having fun.

There they meet up with the General and some other officers that been attending their training sessions. They had prepared some good food and beverage that everyone was going to have after the sauna. Inside the recreation facility there were two different saunas, one for relaxing and one for massage with birch sprigs.



Outside the sauna they had three different pools, all with different temperature from warm to very cold. The experience with the Russian sauna was very nice and relaxing. Soke and the two Senseis were very honoured to be invited by the General and it was a privilege to meet him and receive his hospitality.


 Two of our host Colonels, Alexander Zobov and Eduard Zurin
On the fourth day, the morning started, as usually with Fighting Drill session but in the afternoon there were a meeting for all those attending the Instructors Course. On this meeting the more theoretic part of the course was taught. Soke ended the day by awarding the Instructor’s Certificates and licenses to those who were eligible. Below is the list of the new Tsu Shin Gen Instructors in Russia!

  1. Anatoly Negorozhin (from Samara)
  2. Roman Morozov (from Samara)
  3. Mikhail Astakhov (from Moscow)
  4. Kirill Stonalov (from Moscow)
  5. Alexei Leontyev (from MR)
  6. German Stasenko (from MR)
  7. Mikhail Kokin (from Moscow)
  8. Alexander Ribalchenko (from MR)
  9. Eduard Zyurin (from MR)
  10. Alexei Zobov (from MR)
  11. Andrei Ushakov (from Moscow)
  12. Eduard Klinov (from Kamensk-Uralsky)
  13. Sergei Nikulichev (from Lipetsk)
  14. Sergei Andreyev (from Moscow)
  15. Stanislav Fomin (from MR)
  16. Anna Kiselyova
  17. Evgeny Soloviev
 Now a few words from Sensei Micke

On the Russian military base were we stayed there is a large aeronautical museum. One section was indoors, mainly with the very old aircraft, there was also a Sputnik and one section was outdoors. At the museum there were airplanes from the beginning of the flight era until today’s modern jet fighter and bomb planes. There were also a lot of old experimental aircraft that really required a lot of courage from the test pilots who had to fly them! One of the aircraft that really gets ones attention is the world’s biggest helicopter! The picture attached to this text is the only way to describe its size!



The guide that took us around the museum was a retired pilot and cosmonaut. He had a lot of interesting stories to tell about almost every aircraft. He had been a friend and fellow worker to Yuri Gagarin – the first man in space! Over all, the visit to the museum was very interesting from a historical point of view and much appreciated!



On the morning of the last day we were invited to the Budokan Dojo in Moscow. What we were going to do there was a little bit difficult to understand! As we understood it, we were going to have some sort of training for people that might attend and maybe a demonstration, someone also said that the press was going to cover the event? It’s hard to prepare for something when you don’t know what it is, especially on such short notice, but we were going to do our best.

When we arrived at the Budokan Dojo, we were shown to the dressing room and got in to our Gi´s. We had been in this Dojo once before on an earlier trip to Russia, this is mentioned in a report on the TSG-website. When we were about to start the whole thing it seemed a little confused! After a while we received an explanation that the time for our demonstration had been moved forward by someone to 11 am instead of 9 am. However we couldn’t delay it because then we would have missed our flight home!



We did what we could and the people attending our training seemed very pleased! We finished with Soke demonstrating a Fighting Drill with Sensei Lars and after that I demonstrated a Grappling Drill with Sensei Lars. During the training and demonstration the press was there and most of what we did was also filmed. The press got some good pictures and after that they made an interview with Soke.


The time was running out and we needed to get to the airport but people still wanted us to show them more and as usual they wanted Soke’s autograph. We gave then as much time as we could and then we hurried to the airport and said goodbye to Russia and our friends!

Sensei Micke
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