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Russian Summercamp 2006 2006-08-30
Location: Pushkinsky area, Moscow Region, Russia
Date: 27th – 30th of August, 2006
Chief Instructor: Soke David C. Cook, 9th Dan
Assistant Instructors:
Shihan Ivan Titenkov 6th Dan
Sensei Mikael Forsman 4th Dan
Sensei Lars Utter 4th Dan

Soke, Sensei Lars and Sensei Micke at the State Historical Art and Literary Museum Reserve in AbramtsevoWe arrived in Moscow on the 26th of August and we were driven directly to Minina; which is the military base where we held the Tsu Shin Gen Instructors Course earlier this spring. This time we only stayed for one night and the next morning we drove to the Pushkinsky area to the settlement Zeleny Gorodok where we were accommodated at the boarding house Salute. We have held a Summer Camp there once before, so the facility was not new to us, which made it easier with the planning of the camp.

Our expectations for this year’s Summer Camp was very high, because it was going to be the first time there were more students testing for Tsu Shin Gen Dan grades than there were for Ashihara International Dan grades. Also for the first time there was going to be a Technical Grading for those who wanted to convert their Ashihara International Dan grades over to the same Tsu Shin Gen Dan grade.

It was also the first time we were going to have the new Tsu Shin Gen products such as tracksuits, training bags and backpacks for sale at the camp. Our intention was also to offer Tsu Shin Gen training shorts for sale but because of a manufacturing fault that we discovered when we arrived, we chose to take them back to Sweden with us. We only want to offer the highest quality products and the shorts didn’t live up to our standard!


Soke with the 6th Dans attending at the camp. From the left Shihan Yuri Khrenov, Shihan Andrey Anufriev, Soke, Shihan Jury Egorov and Shihan Ivan TitenkovOn this year’s Summer Camp there were a lot more participants than last year. We were also honored to have several high Dan grades participants from other styles; among them were Jury Egorov from St.-Petersburg

Soke with the 6th Dans attending at the camp. From the left Shihan Yuri Khrenov, Shihan Andrey Anufriev, Soke, Shihan Jury Egorov and Shihan Ivan Titenkov (6 Dan International Association Ashihara Karate) and Andrey Anufriev from the city of Ulyanovsk (6 Dan Kyokushin Budokai). Yuri Khrenov (6 Dan Kyokushinkai Karate) also visited us on the last day of the camp.

Everyone worked really hard and it was quite impressive how quickly the Russians picked up small details and learnt the Drill. The second lesson was grappling based. Sensei Mikael taught the Instructors how to perform the first Grappling Drill, which is designed for our beginners.


Soke performing Kata GatameThe training at the camp was concentrated on the higher and more advanced Tsu Shin Gen Fighting Drills and we also taught Grappling Drill 3. The students from Ashihara and Kyokushin had the opportunity to practise their style under Soke’s leadership but they chose to learn more from the Tsu Shin Gen system instead. One could see that the students attending the camp are becoming more and more interested in the techniques of the Tsu Shin Gen system. The students are now asking more about the finer details of the techniques than before and Soke really appreciates this.

Soke instructing the Kyu gradesShihan Ivan held the morning training outdoors and he concentrated his sessions on the Ashihara Kata! This worked out very well, especially for the students that were going to test in the Ashihara style!

As mention before, the grading at this Summer Camp was going to be different from the ones that Soke has held before in Russia! The test started with the Technical Grading. During this part of the test everybody had to perform what was required for his or her next grade i.e. Fighting Combinations and Fighting Drills (Kata). So there wasn’t any difference in the requirements for those who were going to convert their grade to Tsu Shin Gen or those who were going for new grade at the same level!

Running during the morning training The big difference came when in was time for the fighting! Those Black Belts who were converting their grade were not required to do any fighting. This might seem a little strange but it all makes sense if one thinks about it. The ones who were converting their grades had already been tested by Soke before and done their 30, 40 or 50 rounds of fighting under Soke’s supervision. Soke was not interested in testing their fighting spirit once again; he already knows that they have good fighting spirit.

What Soke was most interested in was seeing that those converting their grades had the required technical Tsu Shin Gen knowledge. And for there record they all did very well during the technical grading! All of them participated in the fighting anyway.


Morning training  Technical grading  Technical grading
The fighting was, as always in Russia, very good and even the Kyu grades showed great fighting spirit! The one who had it very tough and was testing for Sandan in Tsu Shin Gen was Eugeni Solovyev from Moscow. Although he is small in statue he compensates this well with his good technical ability and fighting spirit. Although he received some quite serious injuries he completed his 50 fights and demonstrated for everyone what the true spirit of Budo is all about.
Attacking with Mawashi Hiza Geri  Training in the softhall  With humble attitude Eugeni Solovyev receiving his 3rd Dan

The following is a list of the Dan Grade results:


Line up of the students who tested for Dan grades.TSU SHIN GEN:
4th Dan, Peter Shaklanov
3rd Dan, Eugeni Solovyev
1st Dan, Sergei Nikulichev
Happy faces after gradingCONVERSIONS TO TSU SHIN GEN:
2nd Dan, Stanislav Fomin
2nd Dan, Bachuki Partsvania
1st Dan, Eudvard Klinov
1st Dan, Anatoly Negorojin
1st Dan, Michail Astakov
Soke called 12 year old Valentina Osokina  “a little ray of sunshine”ASHIHARA INTERNATIONAL:
1st Dan, Khanpasha Bisultanov
1st Dan, Nikita Kirdyapkin

Soke also awarded the title of Country Representative for the country of Georgia to Bachuki Partsvania.

TSG International.

One of the smallest students preparing to fight one of the biggest  Sensei German and Shihan Andrey Shihan Jury and Shihan Ivan  
 Sensei Lars with the Country Representative of Georgia - Bachuki Partsvania
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