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Seminar with K-1 World Champion Sem Schilt 2007-04-15
It was a great honor that Shihan-Dai Dave and Shihan Semmy from team Golden Glory accepted an invitation to come to Sweden for a seminar! It was Soke Cook’s twenty year long friendship with Shihan-Dai and Shihan Semmy that made it possible! It was not easy for Soke to arrange a seminar, due to the full schedule Shihan-Dai Dave and Shihan Semmy have in the K-1 competition!

Shihan Semmy is, as most people know, the ruling World Champion in K-1 and the first K-1 Super Heavyweight Champion! His way to this last title has not gone unnoticed; his record of merits is very impressive! Here is a sample of it:

K-1's first Super Heavyweight Champion 2007
K-1 World Champion 2006
K-1 World Champion 2005
K-1 World GP 2005 in Paris Champion
9th King of Pancrase
Daidojuko Hokutoki Champion
European Knockdown Champion

Shihan Semmy wouldn’t have come this far without the help of his famous coach and friend Shihan-Dai Dave! Semmy’s coach is an excellent instructor with the technical capability to help everybody no matter their size or level of experience!

The training during the seminar was of course focused on fighting! It was very interesting to learn about the game plan of a K-1 world champion. If you have seen Shihan Semmy fight in K-1 you have seen the effectiveness of this! This game plan is not just suitable for big fighters; it can be adjusted to suit other fighters as well! As mentioned earlier, Shihan-Dai’s technical experience and coaching can be applied on various types of competitions and fighting, just look at Shihan Semmy’s merits!
The statue of Semmy Schilt is impressive and all those who had to act as his demonstration assistant had a very hard time at the seminar, especially the Thai boxer Antonio Lee who was the assistant most of the time! One that also acted as an assistant with Semmy during the seminar was Shihan-Dai´s son, Arno! It was a pleasure to meet him and at only sixteen years old he is showing great potential. So if he intends to have a successful carrier in the Martial Arts, he really has the right family and friends to achieve it!

The seminar was a great success with a lot of participants from various styles! I would like to thank everybody who participated in the seminar and a special thanks to the seminar Instructors whose great personality and knowledge made the atmosphere very friendly and relaxed!

A couple of special things that I haven’t mentioned yet, is the fact that during this seminar Shihan-Dai Dave Jonkers was promoted to 7th Dan and Shihan Semmy Schilt 6th Dan by Soke!
Soke has now had the pleasure of promoting Shihan-Dai during their long association all the way from 3rd Dan up till 7th Dan and Shihan Semmy from 1st Dan up to 6th Dan. The awarded grades where in recognition of their fantastic accomplishment in the Martial Arts!
I think that both of them are very worthy of their new grades!
Mikael Forsman

More pictures from the seminar can be found under the Gallery Section of this website.

Pictures by Valentin from Mellstrom Arts & Graphics
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