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TSG Russia at Moscow's 860 year jubilee 2007-09-16
Shihan Ivan with Jodan Mawashi GeriAt the celebration of Moscow’s 860 year Jubilee as a city the Tsu Shin Gen Russia was invited to participate in a Budo festival. The display took place in the Chistoprudny Bulvar Street in the centre of Moscow and was organized by Sergey Kosorotov from Moscow Kodokan.

Representing TSG Russia was Shihan Ivan and some of his Black Belts and students. They performed TSG Fighting Combinations, the 5th and 10th TSG Fighting Drills and the First Grappling Drill. They also demonstrated Free Fighting and Shihan Ivan personally performed Tai-Sabaki! Their display was much appreciated by the spectators!

There were also other Masters and Clubs that participated in the Budo festival and the commercial television channel NTV, from the program Fighter, covered the event!

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