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Country: Russia

City: Pushkinsky area, Moscow region

Date: 20th – 24th of September

Chief Instructor: Soke David Cook 9th Dan

Assistant Instructors: Shihan Ivan Titenkov 6th Dan and Sensei Mikael Forsman 4th Dan


 Usually the International Russian Budo Camp is in August, but this time it took place in late September! The view that greeted us at the holiday camp Salute in the Pushkinsky area was beautiful autumn weather with big colourful leaves sailing down from the trees! In the area there were a lot of young happy children running around playing games. They seemed very happy and the surroundings together with morning mist made it all look like a Russian old folktale!


Pictures: When it’s morning training with Shihan Ivan and even the small children does push-ups on the concrete!


 The International Russian Budo Camp attracted 50 participants most of them were Instructors from Russian regions such as Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Ekaterinburg, Ulyanovsk, Lipetsk, Petrozavodsk, Voronezh, Novokuybyshevsk, Kamensk-Ural, Arzamas, Kostomuksha, Yelets, Ivanovo, Obninsk, Ivanteevka, Naro-Fominsk and Minina. Due to problems with the long Visa process some participants from other countries couldn’t make it in time for the camp, but hopefully we will see them at the next camp!


  This camp was very easy concerning the layout and planing! We have held several Budo camps at this holiday camp, so everything was quite familiar!
The daily schedule started as usually with morning training based on the Ashihara International Karate system.
The second training sessions were concentrated on the Grappling Drill 3 and it’s basic techniques with the focus of attention on the smaller details.
During the third training session the emphasis was on the Fighting Drill Combinations from TSG Karate.
These combinations are almost the same as in TSG MMA, the only difference is that in MMA some combinations end with a takedown and a finishing lock or choke!

 All the participants seemed very eager to learn the different TSG systems! The camp had a good and friendly atmosphere. Everybody was working together with enthusiasm and helping each other during and after the training sessions!


 On Sunday the 23rd it was time for 23 sportsmen to take their test for new grades! It all started with the line up and after that they were divided in to the various systems! In the beginning there was a little bit of confusion for those testing concerning the procedure of the examination! This confusion was only a minor problem and the procedures will be clarified on the TSG International web-site soon to prevent problems for the students in relation to future examinations!


Picture: Soke close-up in the Russian National Television 

 The general impression of those testing and the examination itself was very good! Both Kyu-grades and those testing for Dan-grades performed their techniques very well and showed skill and good fighting spirit! Of those testing there was only one student that didn’t pass the Dan grade test. Good fighting spirit isn’t just how you perform in fighting it is also how you react to a set back! So hopefully we will see that proven next time when he comes back to take the test one more time!
This time there were two tough fighters going for 3rd Dan, Vladislav Shipulin and Dmitry Kochkarev. Both of them did a great grading! A couple of weeks before the test Vladislav had been sick and his stamina was not at his normal top level, but thanks to his great fighting spirit he struggled his way through the 50 man kumite with success! Dmitry did also an excellent fighting and his timing in fighting is impressive!


 To all those that participated in the seminar, and all those that did get new grades:
Good luck and hope to see you all soon!


 Pictures: Vladislav receiving his Diploma, Soke with instructors and new Sensei’s, Alexey receiving his Diploma


The following is a list of the Dan Grade results:  

 Vladislav Shipulin

Dmitry Kochkarev

Edward Vinogradov

Igor Andreev

Anatoly Negorozhin

Alexey Leontev

Armen Akopyan

Dmitry Suskin


3rd Dan

3rd Dan

2nd Dan

2nd Dan

2nd Dan

1st Dan

1st Dan

1st dan


Ashihara International, Naro-Fomisk

Ashihara International Ulyanovsk 

Tsu Shin Gen MMA Ulyanovsk

Ashihara International Ulyanovsk

Ashihara International Novokuybyshevsk

Tsu Shin Gen MMA Moscow

Ashihara International Yelets

Ashihara International Yelets


Picture: All the participants from the camp


TSG International



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