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Tsu Shin Gen International Budo Association
Russian Winter Camp 2008
Country: Russia

City: Pushkinsky area, Moscow region

Date: 18th – 21st of January

TSG Senior Instructor: Shihan Ivan Titenkov 6th Dan

   The Winter Camp in Russia is becoming a pleasant way of getting started with the training after Christmas and New Year. This year the date of the camp was 18th to 21st of January and as usual it took place at the sports Centre and Boarding House near the town of Pushkino.
 The participants at the camp.
 The Russian Winter Camp drew over 50 participants from many different regions such as Moscow, Ekaterinburg, Lipetsk, Kamensk-Ural, Kaluga, Petrozavodsk, Naro-Fominsk, Ivanteyevka, Kostomuksha and Zernograd.

The Chief Instructor of the camp was Shihan Ivan Titenkov. On the picture to the left Shihan is correcting some finer details in Tsu Shin Gen Grappling.

To the right Shihan Ivan is instructing a Fighting Combination.

  At the end of the camp there were a examination for Tsu Shin Gen Kyu Grades and there were also examinations of for Ashihara Dan Grades. The three students succeeded in the examination and are awarded the following Dan Grades:
  1. Vasily Mitrofanov - Shodan, Ashihara International, Ekaterinburg
  2. Michael Gubin - Shodan, Ashihara International, Moscow
  3. Edward Klinov - Nidan, Ashihara International, Kamensk-Ural
Below are some photos from the Winter Camp.

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