Monday 23rd of July 2018

Outside the Kremlin before the awards ceremonyOnce again it was time to meet up with my friends Shihans Dave Jonkers and Semmy Schilt. This time it was in Moscow at the invitation of Shihan Titenkov 6th Dan. It was 14 years since the four of us were together in Moscow and we were there to hold a seminar. Actually as it turned out Shihan Semmy did all the teaching. Although he is best known as a fighter, he is also a very good teacher with a lot of technical knowledge. His classes were well appreciated by all those attending. There were 3 sessions. The first had Kickboxing as a theme, the second Karate and the third was self-defence.


Shihan Sem being interviewed by Russian TVApart from the training we had a full schedule with TV interviews and meetings. On the Sunday evening the annual Russian Budo awards ceremony the “Golden Belt” was being held. It was held at the theatre on the grounds of the Kremlin. It was a big event and the theatre that holds thousands of spectators was full. The whole ceremony was very well organised. In between each award, I think there were eleven of them, there was a Budo demonstration given by various stiles such as Aikido, Karate and Kung Fu etc. and also a musical performance. The musical artists were all famous Russian artists, which just goes to show the high status of the event.


Shihan Sem with the TSG Coffee  One of the more enjoyable moments for me was meeting Igor Karaev and his family. He is a student of Tsu Shin Gen and the owner of the Moscow store “Teaposy” specialising in selling tea and coffee. His store has around 500 different blends of tea and coffee and one of the blends of coffee has been named “Tsu Shin Gen” and he assured me that it is a “strong” blend.



 Soke, Igor and Shihan Ivan  Igor (one of the sponsors) and his family
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