Monday 23rd of July 2018

Soke and 3 ShihansMoscow was visited by 3 time K-1 World Champion, King of Pancrase, and the winner of numerous International Tournaments of Ashihara Karate - Shihan Semmy Schilt, 6th Dan Tsu Shin Gen.
Together with him were his personal trainer and our old friend Shihan Dave Jonkers 7th Dan, and also the president of the Tsu Shin Gen International Organization Soke David Cook 9th Dan.

Until recently nobody could believe that this event would take place. It was not until 2,15 in the morning Moscow time on the 9th February when Shihans Dave and Sem’s flight arrived from Amsterdam at the Sheremet'evo airport that we could actually believe it was true.

Although our acquaintanceship and friendship with Semmy and Dave lasts since 1994, nevertheless there was some excitement and confusion that this meeting was real enough. Really for us the biggest "Star" of the World of Single Combat had arrived to teach at an open two-day seminar that took place in the remarkable hall of the Palace of Sports MGUPI.

Helping one of the Juniors Here it is necessary to note a merit for the head of the Tsu Shin Gen International Organization, the famous master in the Budo world, Soke David Cook, who was able to arrange with his old friends Shihan Dave and Sem the time to visit Moscow despite their very busy schedule. Having presented us with such a remarkable occasion, and having shared with our people the richness of his experience and skill, Shihan Semmy taught three excellent training sessions during these days.

Undoubtedly all participants of the seminar communicated with him during these days, they were all struck by the simplicity of character, good nature and responsiveness of Shihan Sem. He competently surprised us with his skill and with his desire to explain and correct our mistakes in Technique. His work with children in his own Dojo positively influences his fine trainers qualities. Many of our Karate masters, Instructors and sportsmen including me, have seen many new nuances and details demonstrated by Shihan Semmy during his exercises and teaching on these training sessions.


 Sportsmen and the Instructors from 15 Russia cities took part in this seminar. More than 70 people could touch the knowledge and skill of Semmy and also to receive a unique opportunity to take a memorable photo with the Champion and to get his autograph.


Demonstrating Jodan Mawashi Geri Each of three training sessions was different from each other. During the first session the basic exercises and combinations Semmy frequently uses in preparation for his performances at K-1 tournaments were taught.

The second session had interest for sportsmen and the Instructors teaching Ashihara International Karate. It was from that direction that Semmy Schilt began his journey to the top of the professional sportsman. The third session was directed towards Goshin (self-defense).

At the end of the third session our three guests observed the fighting abilities of six Russian sportsmen from different clubs. They did some sparring to show their technique and fighting qualities. As a result, only one fighter from city the Mineral Waters, sportsman Andrey Levandin from Ashihara International Karate gave the best impression to our visitors. He has been invited to the Dojo of Shihan Jonkers to be evaluated on his potential to be a professional fighter and maybe to partake in a tournament in Holland.


At the awards ceremony As a successful conclusion to the visit of our guests was the attendance at the Kremlin to witness the national awards in the field of fighting arts « the Gold Belt » By the invitation of Igor Petruhin all of our delegation was invited as VIP guests to this important ceremony.

  On the last day of their trip they visited the Moscow Kodokan where I have been teaching Tsu Shin Gen – Japanese Allround Fighting (JAF) for a second year.

Visiting Shihan Ivan´s Kodakan Dojo To sum up this occasion, I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart our friends - Andrey Ushakov, Dmitry Mirkin, Andrey Karika, German Stasenko, Sergey Badjuk, Babken Khachatryan, Igor Karaev, Igor Petruhin for their sponsorship and help in making this event possible and present this meeting to the Russian fans of Fighting arts.

I would like to wish my friends Good Luck and Happiness! Thank you!

Shihan Ivan Titenkov, 6th Dan
Chief Instructor Tsu Shin Gen Russia


A sponsor Andrej Ushikov and Marina invited the group for a celibration dinner. Sem shake hands with Sergey Kirienko. In the center of the picture Yury Trutnev.
Right Image:
Sem shaking hands with Sergey Kirienko, the General Director of state corporation "Rosatom" and also President of Federation Aiki-do Aikikai of Russia. Yury Trutnev, Minister of Natural Resources Russia and President of Kyokushin Association in Russia is seen in the middle of the photo. Both Mr Kirienko and Mr Trutnev are heads of the Russian Union of Fighting Arts. To Sem's right is Igor Petrukhin, a producer from Russian television channel "Fighter".



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