Monday 23rd of July 2018

 On an early spring day, the 6th of April, TSG Piteå held a competition Juniors! Despite the influenza epidemic, that always goes around at this time of the year, the parents and friends of the public got the chance to see about 20 exiting Junior matches. The children had a very good time and did their very best!


Jennifer against  second place Tobias Oscar and Natalie Oscar and Natalie


 The competition was for standing fighting only with light contact and the duration of the matches was a 2-minute round with one referee and two corner judges. The children were between the ages of 8 to 12 years old and there were both girls and boys. They seemed to have a lot of fun even if the result of the match was a loss for them! The competition had a rule that despite a loss in the first fight they had one more chance to qualify through a re-entry.

The most fascinating thing about junior competition is the children’s enthusiasm. For them the most important thing is to take part and have fun, not to win! After the competition all the children got a medal and a diploma in silver with their names on them! The two juniors in the final also got a gold diploma with their result printed on it! Most exited during the competition were the children’s parents, the results seemed to be more important to them and they can be proud because all the children did very well! To round of the competition all the children got free fruit drinks and cakes! This was much appreciated and was a good ending of a successful happening for everybody!

 Two happy friends, Oscar and Olivier All the participants Oscar and Natlie
Oliver Marklund, Tobias Lundqvist, Eric Rågefjärd, Oscar Nyström, Natalie Öhlund, Emelie Öhlund,
Stina Karlsson, Mikael Larsson, Gustav Lundberg, Marcus Fahlgren-Hällström, Alicia Sundqvist och Fanny Lyckne.



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