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The Moscow area, Monino, March 30th 2008, at the Sports Hall of the Military Air Academy named after Jury Gagarin.

The spring morning sun has lit up the big sports hall of the Academy where for the fourth year young and beginning sportsmen from clubs and the federations teaching various systems of Fighting have gathered. On this day all of them are united and equal in this open tournament organized by Tsu Shin Gen MMA.

 TSG Goblets and prize medals Seiza before the competition Karina performing a Hadaka Jime

30 finalists from seven clubs from Moscow, Moscow suburbs and Ulyanovsk were left after eliminations. In the usual tradition the Head Judge of the tournament was Lieutenant General Valery Mahnin. The organization of action was assigned to a management and trainer's structure of the Moscow Regional Youth Public organization « Ashihara International Karate » and the Inter-regional Youth Organization «Òsu Shin Gen». The basic support and prizes of tournament were donated by our friends and sponsors from the companies of Open Company « Siberian 22 » and Open Company « 1 Premier SK ».

For the first time all five-weight categories were full with the normal number of fighters. The positive interest shown by many trainers and heads of clubs to our annual tournament and its rules of competition pleased us very much.

Blocking a Jodan Mawashi Geri  Going for a Kimura Sensei German supervising the fight

Though for the majority of the participants this tournament was their first serious test and not all had competed before, nevertheless all of the matches were of very good standard, dynamic and interesting not only for the spectators, but also more skilled experts and trainers in a hall.

There was a demonstration performance given by instructors and sportsmen from Moscow Tsu Shin Gen Groups in which they beautifully and precisely showed techniques of special complexes of educational exercises Tsu Shin Gen KATA and it was appreciated by everyone.

The result of this tournament has obviously confirmed the popularity of Allround Fighting matches with their power and realism compared to old systems of Fighting Arts Tournaments.
All leaders and trainers of clubs and participants unanimously approved the amateur version of rules of system Tsu Shin Gen-JAF.


Chudan Mawashi Geri with a tuff fighting face I wonder if it works if I blind you Top position

In conclusion it would be desirable to add a few words of gratitude to our friends and all those who helped us to carry out such remarkable actions, and also helped us in the development and popularization of the Japanese Allround system of Tsu Shin Gen fighting:

Igor Karaev, Vladislav Korchenko, Edward Zjurin, Valery Mahnin and German Stasenko.


List of the Clubs participating:
Club "Kamakura" from Ulyanovsks, Club Kyokushin Budokai from Ivanteyevka, Youth federation Karate-Do to Moscow, Team Tsu Shin Gen of club "Orient" Moscow, Team "Ashihara International Karate" from Monino, Team "MMA Tsu Shin Gen" Moscow, Club "Fighting Sambo-wrestling" from Moscow.

The Results:

Weight up to 63 kg
1 place: - Ilfat Amirov (MMA Tsu Shin Gen, Moscow)
2 place: - Ilya Goncharov (Club "Kamakura", Ulyanovsk)
3 place: - Oleg Muneev (MMA Tsu Shin Gen, Moscow)

Weight up to 69 kg
1 place: - Yury Konstantinov (Club "Kamakura", Ulyanovsk)
2 place: - Alexey Korshunov (Club "Kamakura", Ulyanovsk)
3 place: - Michael Dobrovolsky (Kyokushin Budokai, Ivanteyevka)

Weight up to 76 kg
1 place: - Dmitry Prohorov (MMA Tsu Shin Gen "Orient", Moscow)
2 place: - Denis Spassky (Club of Fighting Sambo-wrestling, Moscow)
3 place: - Andrey Gerasimov (Kyokushin Budokai, Ivanteyevka)

Weight up to 83 kg
1 place: - Ìarat Shaykhattarov (Club "Kamakura", Ulyanovsk)
2 place: - Konstantin Gologrudov (MMA Tsu Shin Gen, Moscow)
3 place: - Igor Evseev (MMA Tsu Shin Gen "Orient", Moscow)

Weight over 83 kg
1 place: - Alexander Volkov (MMA Tsu Shin Gen, Moscow)
2 place: - Andrey Pavlov (MMA Tsu Shin Gen "Orient", Moscow)
3 place: - Maxim Kondratyev(MMA Tsu Shin Gen "Orient", Moscow)

We congratulate the prizewinners and all the participants of the 4th Monino Cup on their victories and excellent demonstration of strength of mind and will.

Yours faithfully,
Shihan Ivan Titenkov


Shihan Ivan supervising the fight Standing firm Grappling on the edge

 Juji Gatame A fine Mae Geri This doesn’t seem to reach its target





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