Monday 23rd of July 2018

I have the great pleasure of announcing that the Tsu Shin Gen Budo Association Secretary Sensei Micke Forsman has been promoted to 5th Dan and now has the title Shihan.

Soke Cook promoting Sensei Micke to Shihan.  Soke Cook promoting Sensei Micke to Shihan.

Shihan Micke is a perfect example of what it takes to reach such a high grade in the TSG Association.

Shihan Micke is an excellent instructor; he has produced numerous Black Belts in his Piteå Dojo.

Shihan Micke has been a loyal supporter of me personally and of the organisation.

Even though he has had a serious back problem for many years, he has not given up or given in to the injury. There are days when he cannot even get out of bed. Despite this he is still teaching actively and accompanies me on trips to Russia and other countries as my Assistant Instructor.

He is very popular everywhere we go because of his humbleness and friendly attitude.


A very happy new Shihan

As the official Secretary of the Association he even has many other tasks and duties and he always performs them in an excellent fashion.

I can honestly say that I am very proud to have Shihan Micke Forsman as a student and assistant.

At the same ceremony Erik Viklund was promoted to 1st Dan.

We also took the opportunity to film all ten of our Shura Karate system Kata. They should be ready for sale by late September.

Soke Cook and Shihan Micke


Soke D.C.Cook 9th Dan
Tsu Shin Gen President.


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