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The Tsu Shin Gen International Russian Summer Camp 2008 2008-10-21


Country: Russia

City: Pushkinsky area, Moscow Region

Date: 12th – 15th of September

Chief Instructor: Soke David Cook 9th Dan

Assistant Instructors: Shihan Ivan Titenkov 6th Dan and Shihan Mikael Forsman 5th Dan

The most of the people at the camp!

It is gets harder and harder to write something new about the Summer Camps in Russia because we have reported on so many and we are not professional writers!
As usual the of participants camp was very good with a lot who were eager to learn the finer details of the techniques and improve their art in Budo! This is very satisfying for us who teach at the camp. There are many positive things about the good Russian sportsmen and the camp.
One important thing to bear in mind is that for many people this is the highlight of their training year! Some people were there at the Summer Camp for the first time, others were there to test for a new Kyu grade and for some people it is even one of the highlights in their life when they are testing for a Black Belt grade! With this in mind let’s start the report from the beginning!

A humble Budoka reciving a diploma by SokeA high kick during fightingSoke in an  interview by Russian TV

Sensei Oleg blocking a punchIt
was a rainy day in Russia when Soke and I arrived at the Moscow airport! The flight and the transport through customs went very smoothly and as usual our friends Shihan Ivan and Sempai Alexey were waiting for us! Normally Sensei German Statenko also meets us at the airport but this time he had to work! The drive to the camp took a lot more time than normal due to heavy traffic. At the camp we were among the Soke and Shihan Mikael early on a cold and gray morning overseeing the lineup!first to arrive, so we had plenty of time to settle in before the camp started! During the camp more and more people joined and as usual it was great to meet old friends from earlier camps and also make some new ones!

camp was a little different than the earlier because this time the standing part of the training was focused on TSG Senshin Fighting Karate. The combinations from this system are very effective and it is easy to Morning exercise!adapt to them even if one is training another system, so everybody can learn and profit from this training. TSG Senshin Karate is an excellent system for those who prefer to learn standing fighting with realistic combinations using kicks and punches. This type of fighting is similar to Kickboxing or K-1 but we are wearing a traditional GI because we have some self-defense combinations and takedowns using a Gi. One of the main differences between traditional systems and Senshin is that all of the Kata are practiced with a partner. We also practice punches to the head with control and we use special sparring gloves. The sessions with TSG Senshin Karate combinations were highly appreciated among the participants!

Shihan Ivan and Sensei German doing a combinationThe
Grappling part of the training was focused on the newly developed Grappling Drill 4. Recently we have been looking over the TSG Mixed Martial System and how the students are developing and we have seen that there are a couple of ways of making it even more effective! Therefore we have made some changes and they are as follows!

The TSG Mixed Martial Art Grappling Drills are now divided into separate Drills for every grade and two new Drills have been added! So now we have 10 Grappling Drills. In this way the students will learn more variations of takedowns and counter takedowns and then moving into grappling.
When it comes to the grading the standing fighting for TSG Mixed Martial Art it is with takedowns to an superior position or lock within 5 seconds, after that the participants must stand up and continue from a standing position! Grappling rounds will still be as before.

Soke instructing who to perform Kata GatameShihan Mikael instructing grappling technique Technique in practise

If we go back to the grappling part of the camp the focus was on the new Grappling Drill 4 and the basic positions and finer details of this Drill! Everybody put their heart into it and I was surprised that even those who don’t have grappling in their system did really well. The grappling is not easy if you haven’t done it before but just trying it with an open mind makes one more open to Budo in general!

To the left in this picture one of our translators, and a good one!The Russian Budo Channel was at the camp and filmed the training. It seems that Soke Cook’s visits to Russia is quite big news. Apart from filming the training they also interviewed Soke, Shihan Ivan and myself. The program has now been shown on the Russian TV and it was quite a long sequence.
For a long time we have been talking about releasing the DVDs for TSG Mixed Martial Art. We have decided to hold them until the DVDs for TSG Senshin Fighting Karate are finished and then we will release them all at the same time! This will probably happen at the end of this year!

DVDs for the TSG Mixed Martial Art - Grappling Drills are the next big project and this is planned to start in the Spring of next year. Hopefully, if all goes without problem, they will be filmed before the summer! As you probably understand there is a lot of work to do, but we are trying to do our best in the little free time we have!
To all who made this camp come true, the participants and all those who took new grades, we thank you for attending at hope to see you next time!

Below are the new Black Belts in our Association:A happy Nidan reciving his new belt!

Mikhail Skorobogatov 2nd Dan TSG MMA

Vitaly Cherepanov 1st Dan TSG Ashihara Karate

Igor Kondrakov 1st Dan TSG Senshin Fighting Karate

During the camp the Russian TV did some filming and some interviews, if you want to see the program just follow the link below:

At the same time that we were there, there was a group of school children at the same facility. They were studying Art and they were only about 11 or 12 years old. Both Soke and I were very impressed with their talent and paintings. Here are a couple of photos with their work.

 Happy children painting and having fun!And here some more children free painting!Beautiful paintings of flowers made by the young children!


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