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Soke David Cook 9th Dan in Kakutogi Dojo, Poland 2010-10-29

From the 29th of October to the 1st of November a seminar with Soke D. Cook was held in Katutogi Dojo in ¯ary. His visit was an unprecedented event because normally he is only teaching at big seminars, participated almost exclusively by Black Belts. The organizer of this event was Sensei Emil Waszak, who has been interested in Tsu Shin Gen for a long time. The main theme of the seminar was Senshin Fighting Karate (full contact karate). This system has been developed by Soke D. Cook.

During his visit he taught the students the basic techniques of Senshin and talked about the origin and evolution of the system. Students were divided into groups based on age and experience. Thanks to this everybody could train in a comfortable way. Each group practiced some of the combinations from the first two Senshin Fighting Kata. This allowed the elder, more experienced students, to feel the power of Senshin and because Sensei Emil and Sempai Albert trained at all the lessons they learnt the whole of the first two Kata.

The official part of the seminar lasted for three days, but for Sensei Emil and Sempai Albert it started earlier on Friday. After Soke's arrival he was taken to the hotel and after an hour to the Kakutogi Dojo to train. For the next three days we were training and learning new methods of teaching. Soke was very closely observing Sensei Emil, his technique, his methods of training and his contact with his students.

On Sunday after a long day of training the seminar was over. All attendee's were very satisfied. Soke’s methods of training, his speed and fluidity of execution filled us with awe and astonishment. Everybody became interested in Senshin Fighting Karate. But the end of the Seminar was not the end of training for Sensei Emil and Sempai Albert. Monday morning they went to the Dojo with Soke and had a private lesson. This was very valuable; it allowed them to improve their own techniques.

Soke Cook certified that Sensei Emil is ready to teach TSG-Karate in Poland, recognized him as the 1st Dan, this is the first and for now the only master grade in Poland in TSG-Karate.
He also awarded him official Grading Status to examine his students up to the grade of 3rd Kyu.
On the way to the airport Soke gave some more advice to Sensei Emil. He also told him that he is a good teacher, who can see his own mistakes and the mistakes of his students. He is open minded and this will help him to teach TSG-Karate in Poland. Soke also said that he was impressed with Sensei Emil as a person and the way he treats his students.



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