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TSG Winter Camp Russia 2012-01-22


Country: Russia
City: Pushkinsky area, Moscow Region
Date: 20th – 22nd of January, 2012
Chief Instructor: Soke David Cook 9th Dan
Assistant Instructors: Shihan Ivan Titenkov 6th Dan, Shihan Mikael Forsman 6th Dan, Shihan Oleg Frolov 6th Dan and Shihan Yuri Khrenov 6th Dan.
Sempai Oleg Openko and Soke in the patisserie.Once again it was time for a Winter Camp in the now familiar Pushkinsky area, outside Moscow in Russia. As always we looked forward to meeting our old and even new friends.

Sempai Oleg Openko and Soke in the patisserie.The travel from the airport into Moscow has become much easier due to the train that takes about a half hour into the city. It could take a couple of hours by car, especially in the rush hours. So this time we went by train into the city and met up with Shihan Ivan at the station. Ivan took us by car to a small patisserie where Oleg Openko had a surprise waiting for us. Inside the patisserie that specializes in homemade chocolates and cakes there was a table laid with all kind of delightful small dishes and desserts. For me and Soke who had traveled since early morning without proper food it was a delicate surprise. The late dinner in the patisserie was a pleasant reunion with our old friends Oleg, Ivan and Karina. A special thanks to the women manager who made the food and those wonderful desserts herself! After the dinner we went by car to the camp with Oleg. Ivan and Karina followed behind with their car full of luggage.

The next day people arrived all through the day and in the evening it was time for the first training session. Soke selected key combinations from the different systems and went through them and showed the finer details in the techniques!


The following day we had several training sessions that followed the same pattern but at the last training session of the day the participants also had the chance to go through and ask questions about specific techniques and combinations from their various systems.

Late in the evening we had a meeting for Black Belts and club representatives. At this meeting the new DVD´s for Senshin, Mix Fight, Ashihara and Kyokushin were presented. These DVD´s will help students, instructors and clubs in their day to day training and also set the technical standard much higher. It will also make it easier for the student to see what to strive for in future tests in the systems.

Another thing that was on the agenda of the meeting was the new administration of the organization. The International Organization is working on an administrative update of their register. The information and registration forms will be sent out to every Black Belt; it has already been delivered to the 4 Country Representatives.

There was also a reminder that the Club Representatives must send in the forms and register all their students for the lifetime membership in the organization. This is only a onetime registration and shouldn’t be a problem!
One other news is that there is a new instructor education for every level! Those who already have their Instructor Status with certification will not be affected, it´s only those who are going to take the education in the future. What we have done is to divide the earlier education into specified education and requirements for every level; Assistant Instructor, Instructor, Senior Instructor and Master Instructor. These levels will also have an effect on those who have been awarded Grading Status. The instructors will also, from now on, wear the official patch for their instructor level on their Gi in recognition of their education and achievement.

The last thing that was on the agenda of the meeting was the announcement that Soke David Cook is going to release a new book! The book has it´s origin from his famous books Power Karate 1 and 2, but it´s now in one book with a lot of new material! More of this great news will soon be revealed and it will also be possible to buy very soon!

On the last day of the camp, half of the people wanted to train on their upcoming grading that was set for the afternoon and the rest wanted to learn more grappling techniques. Soke was very happy to get the opportunity to instruct traditional Kyokushin Kata for those who were testing and on request I showed a little grappling techniques with punching and kicking on the floor!


The afternoon test went without any problem! Every Russian Country Representative took charge of their system and when the technical test was over there were Sabaki and the final Fighting test for everybody. All through the test Soke inspected that everything was up to the standard, both from the Grading Officers as well as from the students performing the test!

After the grading there were the announcements of those who had passed the test. Beside those who had done an excellent grading there was a special occasion, Dmitriy Kochkarev was awarded 4th Dan. He was highly recommended to this grade by the Russian Country Representatives for his faithful and hard work for the organization. Soke was well aware of Dmitriy´s dedication and allegiance and had no problem to award him with 4th Dan.





Soke was especially observant of Shihan Oleg Frolov during the camp. Soke was watching the way he conducted himself, his teaching and his status among the other Instructors. Soke decided to promote him to 6th Dan in recognition of his loyalty and the fine work he has done for the organization



New Dan grades in the Tsu Shin Gen Organization:

Oleg Frolov TSG Ashihara 6th Dan
Dmitry Kochkareva TSG Ashihara 4th Dan
Andrey Reva TSG Ashihara 2nd Dan
Evgeny Beyk TSG Ashihara 2nd Dan
Sergey Kuzevanov TSG Ashihara 1st Dan
Denis Sinyaev TSG Kyokushin 1st Dan
Oleg Kondayev TSG Kyokushin 1st Dan
Karina Ivanova TSG Mix Fight + TSG - Karate 2nd Dan
Karina Ivanova TSG Mix Fight 2nd Dan
Igor Simonenko TSG Mix Fight 1st Dan
Anton Ogarkov TSG Mix Fight 1st Dan
Alexander Salmin TSG Mix Fight 1st Dan

This winter camp was a little bit like a new start to build a stronger organization in Russia and in time it will prove itself!

Good luck to everybody and hope to see you all next time!
/ Shihan Mikael Forsman


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