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TSG Swedish Winter Camp 2012 2012-02-05


Country: Sweden

City: Piteå

Date: 3rd – 5th of February, 2012

Chief Instructor: Shihan Mikael Forsman 6th Dan

Assistant Instructor: Shihan Dick Eriksson 5th Dan

Despite the cold weather four people drove from Karelia in Russia to participate on the Swedish Winter Camp in Piteå!

the 3rd to the 5th of February the club Tsu Shin Gen Piteå arranged a training camp in the north of Sweden in the town of Piteå. From the beginning there were a lot of people who had announced their participation at the camp but the intensive cold weather caused many problems. Some had cars that wouldn´t start and others couldn´t get to Piteå because the trains were cancelled. During this weekend it was – 42 degrees in country and at the coast a little warmer, only -30 degrees!
Despite the cold weather four determined people from Karelia showed up at the beginning of the camp. They had driven all the way in the cold from the town Kostomuksha in Karelia to Piteå just to participate and have the opportunity to test for new grades. The last time people from Karelia were in Piteå it was summer and then they got the chance to try some water sports with Shihan Dick Eriksson, but this time there were no outdoors activities!


For those who attended the camp it was a very nice weekend with a lot of training. The emphases on the training was on standing combinations with the focus on upper body movement t. ex. the training started with basic exercises with bobbing and weaving from knelling position and then from standing position and later on applied in was to the fighting combinations. The students from the club appreciated the opportunity to practice with our guest and also to attend at their grading at the end of the camp. For the younger student and those who haven´t been at a Dan test it was an exciting experience, especially when there also was a Sandan test!
The grading was quite tough, especially for Igor Kondrakov who not only was testing for Sandan but also was Uke (partner) for his students during their grading!

New Dan grades in the Tsu Shin Gen Organization:

Igor Kondrakov TSG Senshin 3rd Dan
Alexandr Shevchenko TSG Senshin 1st Dan

Also participating from Karelia was Kristina Hijisalu who passed the tested for 3rd Kyu and Sensei Andrei Gubarev who attended the camp.




After the grading we had a good dinner at a local Thai resturant. During our conversation the people from Karelia invited me and my students to their town Kostomuksha and they hoped that we could visit them sometime this summer.
/ Shihan Mikael



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