Monday 23rd of July 2018

On the 27th of Januari a group consisting of Soke David C. Cook, Shihan Lars Utter (me) and Sensei Jakob Beltowski, took aim for Zary in Poland. The purpose of this trip was to teach the TSG-Senshin Fighting Karate system at the Kakutogi Dojo and also to establish a more solid relationship with our contact Emil Waszak. Sensei Emil Waszak is also our Polish TSG-Country Representative for the Senshin system.


Sensei Emil Waszak greeted us at the Airport in Berlin and drove us across the border into Poland. It was my first trip to Poland and I was really excited about the whole experience of teaching in a new country, meeting new people and visiting new cities. We arrived in Zary only after 2 hours, and Sensei Emil helped us with our check-in at the hotel where we were going to stay. The hotel was very nice with big rooms, comfertable beds and good food.

Our main goal for this 3-day seminar was to show the effectiveness of TSG-Senshin Fighting Karate and focus on basic principles when teaching. For us it is very important that everyone understands our system and how we want them to practice it. We had a very mixed group with people from other countries practicing different styles so we held it on a relative basic level for everyone.

Soke David C. Cook guided us through various techniques and combinations from different grades and some combinations were broken down into smaller details.

Sensei Emil Waszak showed us great understanding for our system and I was surprised how well he performed the techniques and combinations we taught them. It seemed like he had practiced TSG-Senshin for many years but he has only been a member of our organization for a relatively short period of time.
It came to our understanding that Sensei Emil had successfully been tested for his 3rd degree Black Belt (Sandan) in his other organization. Our policy has always been that we do not downgrade anyone when joining our organization, but after showing loyalty and proven knowledge of our system and our way of thinking we usually recognize their grade. Sensei Emil didn’t know that Soke Cook was going to do this so it came as a big surprise for him when Soke told everyone on the last day of the seminar that he would now be Sandan in TSG-Senshin as well.

I was very happy for this opportunity to travel to Poland and I am very happy to have met our new Sensei and Country Representative, Emil Waszak. He has very good and talented students and they all showed me great friendship and respect despite the language barrier.

I am already looking forward to go back to Poland and do some more training with them!

 Until then,
domo arrigato gosai mashita

Shihan Lars Utter



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